Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Welcome to Killygarry NS Discover Primary Science Blog

Our AOSME number is CN01

Hello and Welcome!
We would like to welcome everyone to our new Science blog. We are taking part in the Discovery Primary Science and Maths Award. This will be our 6th year to take part in this event. Over the next few months we will be posting pictures of our fun science experiments and hands on activities. All our experiments are simple, safe and perfect for kids.
All the pupils from Junior Infants to Sixth class participated in this project. Our log is divided into five steps and it begins with this introduction and application form.

Step 1 - Greenwave and Maths.- We watched for signs of spring in our area by observing a minimum of one of the six common species listed on the www.greenwave.ie website and we made at least one weather observation in our area. We also registered two observations on the Greenwave Website.

Step 2 - Prescribed activities and maths.- Different classes were involved  in hands on investigations relating to the Energy and Forces strand of the Science curriculum and hands on investigation relating to the Materials strand of the Science curriculum and they gave examples of how maths was integrated into each activity. Senior Infants and First Class made a lava lamp .Second class investigated 'Static Electricity and Wriggly worms'. Third and Fourth class took part in an activity entitled 'Cleaning dirty water'. Fifth and Sixth class designed and made a foam rocket. These are just a few of the activities that were carried out in the school. You can see other activities and experiments on the class pages.

Step 3 - Invite a guest speaker to our school.- Third and Fourth class  had a visit from Mr Domhnall Kennedy Agricultural adviser with Teagasc, Co Cavan. He spoke to them about the components of soil.
We also had a visit from Allison Traenor from Cavan County Council who spoke to 5th and 6th class about water pollution and water quality.

On the 21st of March our school had a visit from Caitriona from S.E.A.I. She held workshops throughout the day for children from 3rd – 6th class.
The theme of the day was energy. The pupils learned about the laws of energy, about renewable and non-renewable energy, climate change and the problems and challenges facing us in supplying the energy needed for the future.
The pupils carried out experiments to do with the laws of energy.

Step 4 - Hold a science event - On Friday the 1st of February we had A Green Schools Day of Action. All classes from Junior Infants to Sixth Class were involved in water experiments which were carried out in our Community Centre. Each class demonstrated their water experiment to the rest of the school. We also had games and sang a song.
The whole school used as little water and electricity as possible for the day.

Step 5 - Engineers Week - Fourth and Fifth class were involved in completing some activities relating Engineers Week. They designed a Catapult and they investigated how magnets work.  They also designed and made a Water Pump - An Archimedes' Screw.

We really enjoyed taking part in each of the five different steps. We are delighted to present our log  for the Discover primary Science and Maths Award.
We hope you enjoy our experiments and  projects.